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Immerse yourself in unique content that has been developed over many years by the very best of their trade. Whether you are a craftsman yourself or are simply curious, enjoy!


Knife Maker Lucas Burnley

Lucas Burnley is a custom knife maker and production knife designer. Many of his designs are known around the world and have been extremely influential in the knife design arena.


Knife Maker Michal Gavac

Michal has built a name for himself in the knife industry with aggressive, unique and clean designs. With lots of techniques he has developed himself, he is a great maker to learn from.


Saddle Maker Cary Schwarz

Cary is one of the best when it comes to all things leather, saddle, and tack. Have a look at his educational DVD’s about design and execution of his own techniques!


Bit & Spur Maker Wilson Capron

Wilson wakes up at 4 am every day so that he can practice drawing. He is very motivated and has a lot of information to share about what he does. Check him out!


Knife Makers Rick Dunkerley & Shane Taylor

Experts in Damascus, Shane and Rick are huge contributors to the custom knife world. They have worked together to develop techniques that are unique and are willing to share them.