Engraving Techniques
Instructional DVD Set

Two Instructional DVD Bundle

DISK 1: Design Concepts and Exercises
Bit and spur maker Wilson Capron describes his approach to design and artistic form. This DVD is designed to help the viewer achieve an appropriate perspective and mindset when faced with a lack of inspiration. Exercises are presented, that Wilson practices on a daily basis, along with discussion about their purpose. You’ll also see Wilson demonstrate one of his drawing sessions while vocalizing his thoughts and reasoning.
length: 65 minutes
DISK 2: Fundamentals of Engraving
Bit and spur maker Wilson Capron provides detailed information on the fundamental aspects of engraving. This includes discussion about the tools, tool geometry and their sharpening, form, posture, and finally a walkthrough as he engraves a scroll and a flower. Wilson does not use a machine in this DVD, but describes techniques in hand engraving that are equally important in machine engraving.
length: 70 minutes

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