Meet The Craftsmen

Schwarz Productions collaborates with extremely talented and highly experienced craftsman.
These artists are not only skilled in their trade, but in their ability
to teach. It’s now simple to learn from the very best. Click on the artist to learn more.

Cary is one of the best when it comes to all things leather. Have a look at his educational DVD’s about floral design, leather work, and saddle making.

Cary Schwarz

Lucas Burnley is a custom knife maker and production knife designer. Many of his designs are known around the world and have been extremely influential in the knife design arena.

Lucas Burnley

An immigrant from Slovakia, Michal has built a name for himself in the knife industry with aggressive and unique designs. He is one of the most efficient folding knife makers.

Michal Gavac

One of the youngest members in the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association, Wilson Capron is nothing short of an expert in all things forge, engraving, and design related.

Wilson Capron

Highly awarded at knife shows around the country, Shane Taylor is known for his innovations in Damascus steel making. His knives are very unique as he has truly set himself apart from other makers.

Shane Taylor

An ABS Mastersmith, Rick Dunkerley is a huge contributor to the custom knife world. He has developed and refined several unique techniques now in use throughought the industry today.

Rick Dunkerley