Supporting the Artists

As the value of the DVD is based largely on the name and experience of the craftsmen, they receive a large portion of the revenue in the form of a monthly royalty. Schwarz Productions is simply designed to allow these artists a media based teaching opportunity without the stress of purchasing/renting equipment and learning how to film, edit, produce, package, ship etc.
I hope I can grow Schwarz Productions to help people explore new types of art and craft for years to come. Please check out the Collaborating Artists page to see who I’ve been fortunate enough to visit and work with so far.

How it Started

Hello, my name is TJ Schwarz. Schwarz Productions began when I wanted an ‘official’ name to use for my small high school video projects. These included simple skiing clips, YouTube videos, and class projects. The project wouldn’t become a legitimate company until my father, Cary Schwarz – a saddle maker, asked me if I would like to help him produce an instructional DVD on floral design. My father taught classes on a regular basis and had come up with the idea of packaging this information into a DVD. I jumped at the opportunity and helped him produce a series (Floral Design, Floral Design II, and Floral Carving). The project was very well received and we really enjoyed making the DVD’s. Some time later, while in college, I started considering expanding to other artists. It wouldn’t be long before I was traveling to the shops of some of the most talented craftsmen in the world to help them package their content and make it available

If You Like Knives

Working with elite craftsmen constantly inspires me to work with my hands. Schwarz Productions has also given me a schedule that is flexible enough for me to develop my own abilities as a craftsman. I am a custom knife maker/designer and operate under the name Schwarz Design. If you like knives, feel free to check out my website for my work.
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